Senior Bowl Prospects

Saturday was the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama and it was the defense that stood out, not the offense.

The South beat the North 21-16 but the scouts and mostly everyone else really care about the individual players and how well they performed.

The Washington Times points out the players Ezekial “Ziggy” Ansah, Kawann Short, Sio Moore, Will Davis, and E.J. Manuel. Everyone but Manuel are defensive players.

Ansah stuck out the most to people though. He is from Brigham Young University and won the Most Outstanding Player for the South squad. He had six individual tackles, 3½ tackles for a loss, 1½ sacks and a forced fumble in the game. What really got coaches was his attitude.

After the game he said, “Now, it’s time to stay focused — today will be gone, and tomorrow, I’ve just got to start training again. In life, no matter what you do, there’s going to be something that will take your focus away. But I will stay focused. I came here to work hard with a bunch of great players — everyone here is an MVP; that’s why we all came together to play here. I came here to learn and to be better.”

Short was the Most Outstanding Player for the North from Purdue. He disrupted play, had two individual tackles, and one assist. The defensive lineman showed hard work in practices. Short is quick and powerful and it showed in the game.

Moore is a linebacker from Connecticut who has exceptional speed. In the game he had five solo tackles, one assist and one sack. Davis, cornerback from Utah State, is only 5’11″ but can hit like all the taller guys. He had an interception and a 25-yard run back.

Manuel is a quarterback from Florida State that led three touchdown drives for the South squad. One of his best qualities is that he can run the ball when he needs into. He ran one of the touchdowns in for the game.

OpposingView reports that Manuel complete 7-10 passes for 76 yards. He had one 20 yard throw that floated right over the defender into the hands of Alabama tight end Michael Williams for a touch down.

When talking about quarterbacks it is important to remember the Geno Smith turned down the invitation and will still be a big name in the draft.

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