Shannon Stone, God Rest Your Soul

Last season at a Texas Rangers game in Arlington, Texas, a devastating event took place.  An innocent reach led to a deathly and traumatic fall.  There is no better gift for a dad to give to his son than a major league baseball.  Shannon Stone, the father of then six-year old Cooper Stone, reached over the railing from the upper deck to catch a genuine major league ball.  He was very close to catching it, but when he realized that his chance had gone, it was too late.  He toppled over the railing, and the fall was too steep for him to survive.  Cooper was left peering down at his father, a sight no child should ever have to endure.

A statue has been made and placed in front of the Rangers’ stadium.  It is a bronze statue of Mr. Stone and his son Cooper holding hands.  It is there to remind fans of what a baseball game can bring to a father and a son.  It is important to realize that there is something more to the game than winning and losing.

A ball game provides for a fun and entertaining family outing.  A ball game is an escape from the rigors of the work and school week.  A ball game is where a father and a son can bond over hotdogs, soda, and baseball.  Every boy can recall playing the game, or simply playing catch with his dad in their back yard.  Every boy and man’s dream is to catch a ball that comes their way.

While Shannon Stone certainly passed too soon, he will be remembered as a hero.  He is a hero to his son, and should be an example for all men to follow.  Every young boy dreams of spending quality time with his dad.  So, for all the dads out there, take your kid out to some ball games and buy him some cracker jacks, peanuts, hotdogs, and soda.  Prove to them that you are the best dad out there, because before you know it, that kid will be all grown up with kids of their own.

This is for Cooper Stone: whose dad was a great man.  Although it seems he is gone, he will always be with you.  He lives in you and at the Rangers’ ballpark in Arlington, Texas.  Whenever a father and son go out to a game, he nods in approval.  The statue of dedication is a symbol of how special the father-son bond is.  The connection goes beyond this world.  Your dad is in a better place, and the statue of you and your dad will remind fathers around the nation of how fun and important an evening out to the ballpark with their family can be.