Silva drops Okami

It only took two rounds before Anderson Silva forced the referee to intervene and pull a limp Yushin Okami out of the mayhem that Silva unleashed. When Silva emerged from his focus he realized an arena full of his country people screaming in delight for his victory.

Silva was strong and direct throughout the fight telling reporters, “I came here to fight.”

When asked about his preparation for the fights, he responded, “I train hard for the best guys in the world.”

In the first round, Okami found a way to pin Silva against the cage. As the two jousted for position, the crowd grew restless but began to cheer as Silva finished the round strong by driving Okami to the opposite side of the cage with quick strikes.

At the start of round two, Okami was shy and allowed Silva to sink his teeth into the fight. Silva stood toe to toe with Okami and waited for any kind of movement. In a flash, Silva sank two powerful straights into Okami and had him trying to shield himself on the mat. Silva pounced on Okami with precision strikes and forced a stop.

Silva remains the middle weight champ and is regarded as one of the top fighters in the division.

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