Mario Balotelli Update: Milan striker fails to impress, weighs option on getting back with Liverpool or try his luck in China or Turkey?

Mario Balotelli Update: Milan striker fails to impress, weighs option on getting back with Liverpool or try his luck in China or Turkey?

Setback continues to pile up for AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli as he fails to impress the team and word is swelling that he will be shipped back to England to play for his mother’s club, Liverpool while his agent is saying that he is also weighing the option of either playing in China or in Turkey.

The 25-year old striker just scored one goal in his stint with Milan and after the squad failed to barge into the Champions League, the Italian-born striker is to set sail back to England. The news came as a disappointment for Balotelli as he was hoping to move in with the Italian club permanently.

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“When it comes to my future I want to stay with Milan because I wasn’t happy at Liverpool and I don’t want to return there. And plus, Milan has the money. I’ve been doing well in my last two games, there are another six for me to prove myself. I feel in good shape physically at last and am relaxed,” Balotelli said.

Liverpool paid a hefty $23.5 million for Balotelli to play in the Premier League back in 2014, but his performance was a dismal one having scored only four goals in 28 matches. With that, Liverpool is keen on offloading him going into the next season of the league thus opening doors for other squads to grab him. His agent Mino Raiola as reported by The Guardian has sounded out potential suitors for the troubled forward from clubs in China and Turkey, which has expressed a firm interest on his award.

According to the report, the Chinese Super League is out to become a football powerhouse that has prompted agents such as Raiola and Pini Zahavi to explore further deals for the summer. And as Balotelli awaits his verdict, ESPN’s Sumeet Paul writes that there are speculations that he might move to Crotone although nothing is of certain yet.

“As for Mario, it was always in his hands. He had to be smart and understand where he had to change, and unfortunately, he hasn’t yet done so. He would only be important if he came here knowing that the team has to be put before the individual. There’s no time for prima donnas here, we have to make ourselves available. If he realized his mistakes he’d become one of the best players in the world. I say that in the hope it triggers something inside him and he can use his gifts to do personal satisfaction and rediscover this shirt,” said Balotelli’s compatriot Leonardo Bonucci.

However, one thing is clear, Balotelli will never be as regarded as one of the top players of his time and possibly of the future as his attitude towards the game has dwindled down. Instead of becoming an asset, Balotelli has become a liability after he finds time to reinvent himself. Teams do not question how he plays the game but questions his heart for the game as pretty yellow cards, underperformances in a game and off the field activities have clearly defined him as a player and as a person.

Photo Courtesy: Илья Хохлов/Wikimedia