Spain is once again one of the top teams to beat in the world

Spain met Italy to play for the title in the 2012 European Championship game.

After Italy played a brilliant game in defeating one of the best teams in Germany, many believed that Italy would be able to compete with Spain in their matchup with the defending World Cup and  2011 European Championship winners.

As the game began, it was crystal clear who was the best team in the world. Spain simply just overpowered the Italian team in Kiev, Ukraine, as they defeated them with a 4-0 victory.

Adding this title to their resume, Spain rewrote the history books in becoming the first team ever to repeat as champions and also hold three major world titles.

In their semifinal match up against Portugal, the Spaniards had to go to a penalty shootout in order to advance to the finals. After failing to impress the world, Spain wasted no time in disposing the Italians to smithereens.

It took the Spaniards only 14 minutes to score their first goal, as they were held scoreless against Portugal. David Silva for Spain headed home across by Cesc Fabregas, which began an impressive offensive game that gave Italy no chance to recover.

Shortly after, Xavi Hernandez had a beautiful pass to teammate Jordi Alba, who scored the second goal for Spain, as his shot raced pass Italy’s goalie Gianluigi Buffon.

With Spain up 2-0 at halftime, the only thing the Italians could do was figure out how to stop a team that didn’t even have their top two players play in the tournament due to injuries.

Spain continued to make it rain, as their offense finally shined on the biggest stage and made history. The Spain team lacked the type of continuity and fluidness on offense, as they were stagnant at times throughout the tournament.

In this game however, they played like a team that won the World Cup two years ago. Their defense was stifling, and impenetrable at times, like a blockade.

Their offense was quick as lightning, and every time they scored, it plunged a hole into the hearts of the Italian team. Their passing was crisp, as each pass was a bulls eye and on target.

Fernando Torres and Juan Mata scored two more goals for Spain that signaled the end of Italy’s hopes in winning the title.

In the end, Spain was just too much for Italy, and in the process they shut down Mario “Super Mario” Balotelli.

“We respect [Italy] very much. They were a great rival, but we took control of the game as time went by,” Spain Coach Vicente del Bosque said.

Italy’s captain and star goalie reiterated the fact that his team was outgunned, outplayed and outclassed in every way possible.

“Tonight, there was no contest, they were too superior — so the bitterness at losing this final is only relative,” he said.

Spain has once again recaptured the world’s attention, as they amazed everyone that watched them play. They are no doubt the best team in the world right now and until other teams’ step up their play, they will continue to be favorites in winning the next World Cup.

“Tonight, there was no contest, they were too superior — so the bitterness at losing this final is only relative,” he said.