Kobe Bryant in Disneyland to celebrate retirement

Kobe Bryant in Disneyland to celebrate retirement

The Black Mamba has retired from basketball. But he continues to delight his fans outside NBA circuit. Bryant made a post-retirement trip to Disneyland on Sunday.

The fans were elated to see their favorite star landing in Disneyland. The fans didn’t spare the opportunity to share time with the legendary stars. And they started sharing the pictures of those precious moments in twitter, as reported by the ESPN.

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The 37-year-old retired millionaire is away from basketball circuit since his retirement, but his stardom hasn’t faded for bidding adieu to the game. Kobe Bryant realized this on a recent family trip to Disneyland. The five-time NBA champion was surrounded by Los Angeles Lakers‘ fans throughout the trip. Chants of MVP deafened him as he entered the amusement park.

Unbelievable indeed for the young fans who discovered Kobe Bryant in the “happiest place in the world.” Bryant hasn’t announced any post-retirement plans.

But he is enjoying his post-retirement time as of now. For 20 long years, he had born the brunt of preparing his body through a complex routine for the rigors of basketball. Riding Heimlich’s Chew Chew is much pleasant than a session of ice-bath.

Photo Courtesy: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports