Love and Hate: Rousey gets mixed reactions from celebrities after loss


Like what the saying goes, “In prosperity, you gain friends. In adversity, you know your true friends”.

Just this weekend, Ronda Rousey – who was dubbed as the “once in a lifetime” athlete – has faced her first setback in her professional career by losing via TKO against Holly Holm. The once perceived by many as the invincible fighter that would probably stay undefeated until retirement had just been grounded, humbled and humanized.

Billionaire and American presidential candidate, Donald Trump was one of the first express the hate for Ronda on what seemed to be a payback after Rousey announced that she will not vote for him in the upcoming elections.

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Lady Gaga also posted on her Instagram account her joy in seeing Rousey’s defeat with the caption, “That is what you get for not touching gloves”.


Philadelphia 76er’s Forward, Carl Landry also took a poke and had fun on Rousey’s upset loss.

On the bright side of things, singers like Demi Lovato expressed her loyalty to Ronda Rousey.

Lovato even suggested a rematch to be done in the Unites States and promises to be there to support Ronda.

Actor Mario Lopez also showed some encouragement to Rousey and encouraged that the rematch will be very huge.

Boxing legends with the likes “Iron” Mike Tyson and George Foreman had a good share of defeats in their careers. Tyson had famously lost – his mind – to the controversial ear-biting match against Evander Holyfield while George Foreman had also fallen to the arguably best fighter of all time – Muhammad Ali. These hall-of-fame fighters showed their support by giving her some encouragement.

Tyson captioned his tweet: @RondaRousey a true champ is not defined by wins. You are a glorious even still. @danawhite @ufc #ComeBackQueen

Foreman, on the other hand, gave one powerful encouraging tweet to Rousey:  Down goes Muhammad Ali, Frazier & Foreman RONDA ROUSEY we all came back so will you.

  • I won’t deny her grappling skills but when it comes to sportsmanship, Ronda Rousey is one of the worst since Muhammad Ali (Laila Ali isn’t much better).

    If there has ever been a sport that desperately needs more good sportsmen, it’s MMA. There are a few but for the last decade, the promotion of MMA has relied more and more heavily on hype, drama, big egos, trash talking and hatred. From the initial speculation and fight announcements to the talk show interviews to the pre-fight trash talking to the hype of side stories to the fantasy ‘street match-ups’ to the weigh-in hype, drama and controversy to the hyped up arena entries to the dirty looks and stare-downs to the post fight blame games, to the many ‘tough guy’ endorsement deals, MMA has become known as much for hype as it has for substance. Because the substance itself can be so brutal, MMA should focus less on hype and more on sportsmanship.

    Because of the promotional tactics of the UFC, the outrageous hype, the big egos and the poor sportsmanship displayed by some of it’s competitors, MMA has become the worst influence ever had on society by a mainstream sport. Thousands of it’s fans insult each other on the web and assault each other in the schoolyard, the parking lot, on the bus and in the bar. All of it happens hundreds of times each and every day. The videos posted all over the web, many involving bully tactics, criminal activity, cheering crowds and innocent victims of assault and battery, clearly indicate the mass influence of MMA.

    There was a time when most schoolyard, street, bus and bar fights were over with a black eye or a fat lip. Now, the vast majority don’t end until someone is beat to a pulp, someone is exhausted or on rare occasion, the fight is broke up. Again, the mass influence of MMA is crystal clear.

    The sport of MMA is not the problem. It’s every bit as legitimate as baseball. The problem is that without a strong focus on good sportsmanship, by everyone involved with the sport, the influence had on society is disgusting.

    I challenge Dana White, Ronda Rousey, Cyborg, their ilk and the many promoters of MMA to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

  • ellenbrook2001

    that very simple shes got what shes deserved you are the best until you been beaten so what the fused a bout it seem to me no one was permitted to beat her does all previous match been set up ?????????????????////