Should Rafael Nadal fire uncle, trainer Toni and replace him with a new coach?

Should Rafael Nadal fire uncle, trainer Toni and replace him with a new coach?

Toni Nadal, the uncle and long-time trainer of former World No. 1 Rafael Nadal, admitted that a coaching change is a possibility if the Spanish pro continues to struggle in the 2016 ATP Season when he was interviewed in October last year.

With Nadal completely embarrassed in the first Grand Slam tournament of the new season, Toni admitted after the first round loss to compatriot Fernando Verdasco that Rafa has to change his game and would understand it if his nephew decides to make changes in his coaching team.

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Back in October 2015, Toni also asked about the possible coaching change within Nadal’s camp and the elder Nadal admitted that even as a long-time coach, Rafa would have to consider making some changes if he completely struggles in the 2016 season.

“I think you need to ask Rafael. But we have a group and I’m the coach of Rafael forever, since Rafael was three years old and things were always good for us,” Toni Nadal said via

“It’s true that this year he’s going a little down but I am sure the comeback of Rafael is coming soon. Maybe if next year Rafael is playing not too good, then I think he can think about some changes in his game or in his team.”

“Going a little down” is an understatement for Nadal after his embarrassing exit in the first round in Melbourne and the long-time partnership between the uncle and nephew will be tested if Nadal continues to struggle this season.

Nadal has actually recovered a bit moving up to World No. 5 at the end of the 2015 ATP Season after he saw his rankings drop all the way down to World No. 10 in the middle of the year. However, his rankings will fall again when the latest points are computed after the 2016 Australian Open.

Should Nadal fire his uncle this early? Should Nadal add a new coach in his team to improve his chances in the 2016 tennis season?

  • lourdes

    Yes I think Nadal will need to change for coach and his game also in some areas .He need new a proach and new ideas

  • Alcieah

    If Rafael Nadal is the champion and, more importantly, the person I and so many others believe he is, I don’t think he will ever “fire” Toni. Family, love and loyalty trump tennis (not much else does, IMO). Adding someone new as an advisor/assistant coach is another thing which might be acceptable to the team. Toni should always be head coach but inviting someone in to act in a tactical role especially might be a good idea. I vote for Wilander if that happens. Vamos Rafa!

  • Glory Ifeatu

    Yes Nadal should not fire his uncle but he ve to add new coach to assist him tactic and many things,uncle Toni let Nadal be,u ve coach him since he was 3yrs now the tennis be change me him be, uncle stop be Fred.Serena William was coach by her father when thing did not go well she make a change for thing must change

  • Who Am I?

    People should mind their own business. If Nadal is not interested in changing coaches then it is his own business. He has even said that he is not anxious about winning a Grand Slam. So that should close all discussions of Rafael Nadal’s tennis career ambitions once and for all. Winning 14 Grand Slams is no small matter and his winning a 15th Grand Slam now is just as likely as the sun rising from the west.

  • Terry101

    Rafa needs to be more economical with his points. He’s still trying to play like a teenager. He is not as quick as he once was and needs to adjust his approach accordingly. If he does he has at least two more grand Slams in him