St. Louis Cardinals Adam Wainwright falls victim to an April Fools joke

St. Louis Cardinals Lance Berkman and some of the other Redbirds pulled an April Fools joke on pitcher Adam Wainwright.

It was announced on the field during yesterday’s Grapefruit League game that they would be giving away a white Chevy Silverado truck to a fan.

The truck was driven onto the field by Berkman, and it took Wainwright only a few moments to realize that the truck was his.

The winning fan of the truck was David Freese’s cousin. He jumped into Wainwright’s truck and Berkman drove it off the field.

“I wanted to see who was driving,” Wainwright said. “I looked around (the dugout) and didn’t hear or see Lance, so … .”

Wainwright was a good sport about the prank.

“Hilarious,” Wainwright  continued. “Those are the kinds of things that keep baseball pretty fun — besides the fact that baseball is already pretty fun.”

Cardinal manager knew about the prank, but was not involed with the planning.

Skip Schumaker however, was in on the joke.

“Something needed to be done. It’s April Fools’,” Schumaker said. “We collectively just thought about doing something. As usual, Lance took it over the top.”

Wainwright is just making his return to baseball, after missing last season because of Tommy John surgery.  He concluded spring training getting his final throwing session in today.

On his career, Wainwright is 66-35 with a 2.97 ERA.

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    We all love Lance Berkman!!