St. Louis Cardinals’ Kyle Loshe set to kick off the season against the Miami Marlins

The defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Kyle Loshe is prepared to open up the season tonight against the Miami Marlins.

Without ace Chris Carpenter to start the season due to nerve irration, Loshe has been given the role of kicking off the Cardinals season.

Loshe is honored to be given the ball on Opening Day, a start that he deserves.

Last season, Loshe led the Cardinal rotation with a 3.39 ERA and was ranked ninth in the league with 14 wins. He however ran into some problems in the post season.

“I don’t put up the sexy, fancy numbers,” Lohse said. “I don’t strike guys out. But I’ve become a better pitcher because I don’t do that. Last year, I went through a tough stretch in the middle there, and I think stuff like that is what sticks in peoples’ heads. They don’t remember what I did in September. They think They think that I finished the season struggling.”

Loshe takes pride in his pitching and always performs to the best of his ability.

“I’ve been that way my whole career,” Lohse continued. “I don’t play this game for acknowledgements or things on the outside. I play this for my teammates and myself. It’s a pride thing. I just care about what the 24 other guys think about me, and I give it all I’ve got every time I go out there.”

Both the Cardinals and the Marlins will be beginning this season after undergoing a number of changes during the off-season.

The Cardinals lost All-Star first baseman Albert Pujols, beloved manager Tony LaRussa, and pitching coach Dave Duncan. They will also be starting the season without their ace, Carpenter, in their starting rotation.

The Redbirds however, added Carlos Beltran to their lineup and welcomed new manager and former Cardinal catcher Mike Matheny.

Over in Miami, the Marlins are back this season with a new name, a new stadium and new shortstop, Jose Reyes.

Both teams are excited to be christening the new stadium in Miami tonight.

“I’m just excited to step into a whole new chapter for our team,” said Opening Day starter for the Marlins, Josh Johnson. “It’s going to be totally new going to the park. It will be different, that’s for sure.”

Florida native Jon Jay of the Cardinals is also excited to start the season in Miami.

“To be able to play the first game there, it’s something I am going to remember forever,” said Jay. “The Dolphins’ stadium wasn’t really a baseball ballpark. It’s going to be nice for the community to have a real baseball park.”

The Cardinals will have their home opener on April 13 against the Chicago Cubs.

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