St. Louis Rams looking to trade down

Considering that a few teams in the NFL are in dire need of a quality starting quarterback, there is a chance that the St. Louis Rams will trade the number 2 overall pick.  The Heisman-winning quarterback from Baylor, Robert Griffin III, is expected to be the second pick in the draft.  The only question is, to which team will he go?

The Rams find themselves in an awkward position.  They do not need a talented quarter back, as they already have Sam Bradford, and they would still most likely be able to get a quality pick if they trade down.  As the Rams look to trade their pick, possible targets include the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins.  Word around the league is that the Seattle Seahawks are also included on the list, but odds are that the Rams will not give up such a valuable pick to a division rival.

The Redskins and Dolphins are desperate for a quarterback.  Rumors have spread that each team, especially Miami, has their eye on veteran quarterback Peyton Manning as well, if he hits the free agent market.  The Redskins have the sixth pick in the draft, and it would benefit them to trade up and pick RG3, rather than stay at number 6 and pick a corner (as Mel Kiper’s mock draft predicts).

The Cleveland Browns have the best opportunity to strike a deal with the Rams.  They have the fourth overall pick, which would allow the Rams to give up little ground.  Of course, the Browns could remain at the fourth spot and hope that RG3 falls in their hands, but his draft stock is rising and tension is building.  Whoever wants the heisman trophy winner is going to have to trade up to the second pick in order to ensure his availability.

The Rams have a lot of options to choose from, regarding who they want to draft.  Kiper’s board currently has them drafting wide receiver Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State, and there is a slight chance that they would still be able to get him with the fourth or even the sixth pick.  There is also a chance that Minnesota takes him with the third pick.  If that is the case, considering that the Rams are looking for a talented wide receiver, they would have to double think their decision.  The Rams will most likely pick a wide receiver with one of their first two picks.  The only question is whether or not they will be able to get Blackmon if they trade a few spots down.

With free agency right around the corner, it will be interesting to see how these situations play out.  It would be interesting to see Peyton Manning sign with another team, even though he has been the reason for the success in Indianapolis.  It would also be interesting to see how the Rams handle their pick’s value.  Whether they trade down and risk losing Blackmon, or stay home and ensure that they are able to pick Blackmon will determine the future of some struggling teams looking to improve.