Steelers vs. Raiders preview

One of the key matchups on Sunday is the Pittsburg Steelers versus the under dog Oakland Raiders.

In their past meetings, the Raiders hold a 10-9 lead over the Steelers. However, six of the nine past games, the Steelers dominated the Raiders. Last game they played was at Heinz Field on November 2010, and the Steelers destroyed the Raiders in a 35-3 win, according to CBS Sports.

One of the key matches in this game will be the Raiders pass rush and the Steelers running game. The Raiders are currently one of the worst teams in the league in stopping the rush, allowing 147 yards per game. The Steelers however, don’t have a strong rushing game with Rashard Mendenhall out with an ACL injury. The Steelers are ranked 26th in the league in terms of rushing.

Another key matchup will be the Raider’s offense against the Steelers’ defense. The Raider’s offense is currently ranked second worst in the league only scoring 13.5 points per game. This may be difficult for them because the Steelers are ranked ninth in the league. That’s because of the Steelers front seven.  The Steelers front seven are currently ranked 14th in the league, reported by Oddshark.

The Steelers will be coming Sunday’s game with the hope of winning their first road game. The Raiders however, will try to divert their plan as they seek their first win of the season.

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