Super Bowl blackout mystery solved

It was a strange thing when the power went out at the Super Bowl last Sunday. The power supply company for the Dome took responsibility saying there was a technical failure of a device that was supposed to prevent a blackout.

The device that failed is called a relay. The relay was designed to protect the Superdome from complications in the cable that links the Superdome’s power lines to the electric company’s, according to the Associated Press.

The company is Entergy New Orleans and they have said that the relay will be replaced.

Michael J.S. Edmonds, vice president of strategic solutions for S&C, said, ’If higher settings had been applied, the equipment would not have disconnected the power.”

The company had to answer to the city council about the issue. When they were asked if the incident happened due to the design or a default in the relay, Entergy responded with an answer that they were not sure.

Charles Rice, CEO of Entergy New Orleans, said, ’The equipment did not function properly. At this particular time, based upon our analysis, we cannot say definitively that there was a defect in design. What we do know is that the equipment for some unknown reason, at this particular time, did not react the way that it should have.” reports that, a month before the Super Bowl, the Superdome underwent a $4.2 million electrical update. Part of this upgrade was that the stadium would now have three lines coming into the Dome instead of two.

An engineer hired by the public agency that owns the Superdome, Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District, said in October that the Dome’s main power feed was “not sufficiently reliable to support the high-profile event schedule.”

However, while we know what caused the blackout, it is still unclear as to why it happened.


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