Tebow’s Role and the Wildcat Formation Plan

Throughout the entire offseason, the New York Jets kept secret of their plan of how they were going to implement Tim Tebow to their offensive system. But finally on Saturday, the Jets announced that they would include Tebow in the wildcat formation, according to ESPN NFL.

A simple explanation of this tricky system is when a non-quarterback takes the snap, in this case Tebow, says ESPN New York.

The idea of the wildcat system was brought up from Jets’ new offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano, who has much experience running this system when he was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets’ struggled in the preseason as both quarterbacks failed to see the end zone. Despite that, safety Yeremiah Bell told New York Daily News of his confidence in this wildcat system, “Tebow knows it in and out. He’s run it for so long. What better guy to practice it against than him?”

The Jets’ first test if this offense will work will be on this afternoon against the Buffalo Bills. This could turn out interesting since Bills’ quarterback coach, David Lee, taught the wildcat offense to Sparano when they were in Miami together.

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