Roger Federer should retire from tennis already: Novak Djokovic’s father

Roger Federer should retire from tennis already: Novak Djokovic’s father

Novak Djokovic’s father, Srdjan Djokovic is not too fond of Roger Federer saying that the Swiss Maestro should retire from tennis already. Srdjan Djokovic recalled in an interview his bad experience with the Swiss Maestro and appears to have not forgotten about the incident and is still holding a grudge against Federer.

“Novak was just 19 at the time. He had a deviation of his sinuses and couldn’t breathe. [Federer] showed himself to be the best player in the world but not as a good person at that time,” Srdjan recalled to Newsweek in an exclusive interview about an incident with Federer about 10 years ago in a Davis Cup competition.

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“Nobody has ever treated Novak like this. I don’t understand why Federer is still playing tennis. I don’t know why he’s still playing—he’s already 34.”

Reports at that time stated that Federer referred to Djokovic as a “joke” after the Serbian called multiple timeouts for his trainer during the match against Federer’s compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka. At that time, Federer admitted that he was “irritated” by Djokovic’s antics but eventually both sides talked about the incident and the issue was settled.

However, Djokovic’s father seems to be the type of guy who does not want to forget such things.

The statement comes at a time when his son is on top of the tennis world. Novak Djokovic has 11 Grand Slam titles in his career and targeting the 17 Grand Slam titles record by Federer. If Djokovic continues to play dominantly like he has in the past two seasons, he will be on pace to break Federer’s record in the next few years.

Djokovic has dominated Federer in their recent head-to-head match-ups winning four of their last five matches. In their careers, Djokovic has 23 wins to Federer’s 22 victories in their all-time meetings.

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  • mike melchiorre

    Djokovic hasn’t won four of their past five matches – three of the past four and three of the past five.

  • Danilo Bonina

    I really admire Novak as a player and as a person, but his father… what an insolent, pompous, delusional, disrespectful jerk he is! Does he think anybody can take him seriously for asking the real No.2 in the world (and only guy who, on a good day, seems to be able to beat Novak) to retire? Does he think tens of millions of fans give a crap about him while we marvel at this guy’s magic anytime he plays a match? Does he realize that these same fans will not sit for hours to watch his son push balls after Roger retires?

    • ANITA

      What a pompous nobody what gives him the right to say Roger shouldn’t be playing tennis at 34. I can see where Joker gets his arrogance from, no wonder he doesn’t get the respect from the fans.

  • Theo Wiles

    What a kook! Unbelievably disrespectful as well. Andre Agassi won the Australian Open in 2003, when he was 33 years old. It’s a good thing Andre didn’t take. Srdjan’s advice. What he needs to realize is that it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that fans around the world would probably rather watch Federer at his worst than Djokovic at his best.

  • Stephen Kukec

    What a moron! He and his son can feel very very lucky that tennis is such that it allows annoying scramblers to be successful at the game. Even if he wins 30 Slams he will never be the player that Federer is. His comment that Novak was sent by god shows you what kind of a SFB you are dealing with here!