Tennis News: Roger Federer done, retiring from sport? Novak Djokovic on the way to stealing greatest player title from Swiss

Tennis News: Roger Federer done, retiring from sport? Novak Djokovic on the way to stealing greatest player title from Swiss

Roger Federer recently announced that he will miss not only the Rio 2016 Olympics but also the rest of the ATP season. This puts Novak Djokovic in prime spot to get nearer the Swiss Maestro’s total Grand Slam titles in tennis and become the greatest player in the history of the sport.

Federer cited injuries as his reason for backing out of the Olympics, but it was expected as the veteran pro might want to prioritize the regular tennis tournaments and majors to retain his standing as one of the elite players in the sport.

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However, the Swiss’ announcement that he’ll be missing tourneys the rest of the year came as a surprise to fans and fellow players.

There are reports that Federer never recovered from his injury during the 2016 Wimbledon Championships and that he never played even in practice sessions since then. This will add to the rumors that Federer might never get back to 100% again and in danger of losing his grip in the ATP tennis rankings, where he is currently at No. 3.

Federer’s injury situation is comparable to that of Rafael Nadal, who has also struggled on the court the last two ATP seasons. Both are still competitive but not seen as in the same level as the top two guys in the sport, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Federer has won 17 Grand Slam titles in his career, still the all-time record for most majors in a men’s singles career. The Swiss Maestro is being touted as the “greatest of all time” because of his past accomplishments.

Djokovic though has 12 Grand Slam titles already and despite the disappointment at the recent Wimbledon Championships, he is expected to win a few more Grand Slams in his career and get nearer Federer’s record.

Here’s the ranking for the all-time Grand Slam titles in history of tennis:

Roger Federer (Switzerland) – 17
Pete Sampras (USA) – 14
Rafael Nadal (Spain) – 14
Roy Emerson (Australia) -12
Novak Djokovic (Serbia) -12

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Will Djokovic get to Federer’s 17 before the end of his career? Can the Swiss return back to elite form and get a few more Grand Slam titles before calling it quits in tennis? Federer’s injury problems are now becoming real and age could be catching up with the tennis great.

Photo Courtesy: flickrworker/Wikipedia

  • Sridhar mx

    Whether djokovic wins 17 slams or 20 slams… For me Federer will always be the goat. Its not about the numbers.. Its about the class. I am not against djokovic or Nadal, they are great players. But federer is pure class and a role model for any one to follow. The way he moves in the court is a beauty to watch. he is like watching a ballerina in the tennis field. The ease with which he moves, the way he strike the ball, all pure magic…

  • Dennis Wee

    Really? This article is how you attract readers? This load of crap is targeted to people who don’t follow tennis and think he is at #1 because he deserves it. Good to know. Removing you from RSS lineup, many fill follow.

  • James Raleigh

    Agreed Denis Wee. Federer hasn’t had another slam in him for a year or so, whether he plays or not wouldn’t make an impact on what Djokovic does. What might do, is more likely going to depend on whether his high energy game is sustainable in his 30s and how quickly Zverev and Thiem can add that extra 5%.

  • JD Johnson

    Roger Federer is the greatest, no doubt. That is why this writer mentioned his name even when he is 35 years old, injured, and not playing tennis. Novak is a great, hard working player. One of the best in history; but the greatness is a gift. It is not by numbers only- many factors, and one of the biggest factors is when people love and admire you. That love cannot be bought or made into trophies. A huge amount of people love Roger and this is the greatest.

  • Branimir

    When two or more players are similar, then the huge factor in popularity is the background. Way more people would cheere for the Suiss, or Spanish player than Serbian. Also, we simply cannot ignore statistics that is the measuring stick in every aspect of our life and success