The Boston Red Sox front office backs up manager Bobby Valentine

The Red Sox are sitting at .500 for the fifteenth time this season.  They are digging and scratching to find their way to the postseason since 2009.  Who is to blame for another sub-par season?  The new manager, the front office, the players, the coaches?  According to the owners and the rest of the club, everybody plays a part with the team’s lack of success.  While the blame was being spread, a “Vote of Confidence” was given to manager Bobby Valentine before the start of a three game series against the Texas Rangers on Monday.  The message was to assure the team and Red Sox Nation that they have full confidence in Valentine.

He’s our manager. I’m not going to get into timelines. I’m not going to get into timelines for myself, either. We’re just doing the job right now. We’re doing the job the best we can and we’re focused on making it better. I support Bobby,” said Red Sox GM Ben Cherington.

At times, things could not go worse for the manager.  His team is playing mediocre baseball and at times it seemed the manager who had all the power had none.  It seemed like players were tuning him out as the team started to spiral.  The unfiltered manager seemed to be heading towards the unemployment line the way the season was going, but now a little security will show the Red Sox have confidence in him.

I do think we all take some responsibility that the team is not playing up to expectations, but we’re not going to make a change in manager.”

As for Valentine, he regrets that the office has to make these comments.  If the team was more successful they wouldn’t have to say these things as comforting as they are.  The club just wanted to re-assure him of his job and thought it was necessary for the better of the club.

I regret that they had to do it,” Valentine said. “If our record was better, they wouldn’t have had to do it. Totally appreciated, though, if they felt it was necessary and they think it’s good for the guys.”

After their 9-2 win against the Texas Rangers, some of the players added to the job Valentine was doing.  They also said that what happens on the field has nothing to do with how Valentine is doing as a manager and that it’s about performance.  There is always a scapegoat when it comes to a team’s failures, the manager, the owner or other personnel are normally held accountable.  In this case it’s a team effort, not just one guy.

(Valentine) deserves it,” said sizzling first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, who delivered three more hits and three RBIs. “He hasn’t swung the bat all year. He hasn’t pitched. It’s us that are playing out there. The .500 record we’re at right now is on us. It’s not on Bobby. Everybody wants to make a big deal out of that, but it’s never been on Bobby. It’s always been on us.”

The Red Sox are currently 55-55 after winning back to back games for the second time since mid-June and one of the spurts came in inter-league play.  They had a four game winning streak against the Yankees and Tigers last week, and their last streak of at least three games against American League opponents was May 28-30 against the Tigers.  The Red Sox are in sixth in the wild card standings, four games behind the Oakland Athletics for the final playoff spot.  They have 52 games left on their schedule and 32 of those games are on the road, which leaves a tough task for making a run to the post season.