The New York Mets bring back Banner Day

The New York Mets will be bringing back Banner Day for the first time in 16 years. The event will take place on May 27.

Prior to the 1:10 game against the San Diego Padres, fans will be invited onto the field to show off their homemade banners.

According to ESPN, Banner Day was a tradition from 1963-1996. Fans of all ages would go onto the field at Shea Stadium showing their love for the Mets with their banners made from bed sheets. This originally occurred between doubleheaders.

Fans eager to get Banner Day back started petitioning, helping to get back the event. This will be part of the Met’s 50th Anniversary celebration that will be taking place all season, reports MLB.

This year fans have been asked to have their banners illustrate their favorite memories and moments of the franchise.

The team has said “we are confident that Mets fans will be appropriate in their creative expressions. As this is intended to be a fun and family-friendly event, we will reserve the right to refuse any profane or mean-spirited banner,” reports the New York Post.

Further details of Banner Day will be released as the day approaches. This includes the announcing of guest judges and prizes.

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