The NFL is banning certain face masks because they said so

The No Fun League strikes again by banning personalized face masks. This time though, the NFL didn’t give much reason.

According to the Associated Press, the NFL is banning certain face masks that they have determined are non-standard face masks (whatever that means), but did not go into detail in an email sent to the AP.  As the Associated Press points out, one of the players who can no longer wear their face mask  is Colts defensive lineman Robert Mathis. Mathis, according to the AP, wears a cage-like white mask that covers everything except for his eyes. Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett will also have to change masks.

Mathis took to Twitter after the decision, saying, ”its official…. the league says i cant wear my facemask. I will return to my run of the mill grill.”

The only exception to wearing the now-banned masks are for medical reasons. According to the Baltimore Sun, both Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty and New York Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck are allowed to wear the face masks. Canty suffered a serious eye injury eight years ago and Tuck suffers from a recurring neck injury.

Be on standby for an actual explanation from the NFL.

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