The return of Manny Ramirez

Manny Ramirez is returning to baseball in America as the Texas Rangers have signed him to a minor-league contract and assigned him to Triple-A.

During his stint in Taiwan, former MLB star Manny Ramirez batted a .352/.422/.555 line with eight home runs for the EDA Rhinos, according to a Yahoo! Sports writer who thought Ramirez might look for work in Japan. However, he is instead coming back to the states, as a new team is looking to see if he has enough left to contribute to a major league team.

During his time in Taiwan he sure seemed to be appreciated by the fans:

Now the Texas Rangers hope he still has some pop left in his bat as they battle for the American League West with the Oakland Athletics.

It’s a no-risk flyer in a lot of ways,” Rangers GM Jon Daniels told the Dallas Morning News. “Our history, we like giving guys second chances. We know on and off the field the good and bad of Manny’s career, but we’re inclined to give him an opportunity here.

“When it comes to playing for the Rangers, two things are important to us,” Daniels added. ” You have to be talented and productive. And just as important you have to fit our winning culture. Those are going to be the two tests we’ll judge Manny by.”

Manny is. of course, familiar with winning, and with being talented, especially during his time with the Boston Red Sox with whom he won a World Series, and as a Cleveland Indian, the club with whom he started. The bad with Manny that Daniels was referring to was, of course, when he tested positive for PED use in 2009 and once again in 2011 for testosterone. And there are, of course, all the peculiarities that come with Manny being Manny, as Triple-A Round Rock is sure to find out.

“If he’s productive and we feel he’d fit our culture here, we’ll give him an opportunity,” Daniels said. “If either of those ends don’t pan out, no harm, no foul.”

If Manny can find his old stroke he will be a huge asset as a DH for the Texas Rangers, a team that could definitely be contending come October. Lance Berkman has struggled mightily and dealt with injuries so an influx of Manny could be just what the doctor ordered for the Rangers.

No matter what Manny being Manny means this time around, it is almost guaranteed to be entertaining.