The three biggest winners from the Home Run Derby (sort of)

During the dog days of summer, there’s one event that sports fan look forward to most – MLB’s Home Run Derby. Taking place last night at Citi Field,  home of the New York Mets, the Derby delivered plenty of excitement and fireworks. Again.

Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland Athletics took home the title, plastering the ball all over Citi Field. His clinching home run hit the batters-eye, just under the scoreboard in center field. It was a no-doubt type home run, with Cespedes flipping his bat right after contact.

The Cuban outfield put on a show, belting 32 home runs, including multiple that reached the third deck in left field. Cespedes was the biggest winner of the night, for sure.

But this list is to take a look at the three biggest winners who weren’t actually participating in the event. Without further to do, here are my three biggest (non-participating) winners from Citi Field.

3) Adam Jones – The Baltimore Orioles star outfielder made a couple of cameos last night. He first came out to provide teammate Chris Davis with some Gatorade as Davis was batting. That wasn’t why he makes this list though. It was Jones’s second appearance of the night that was great. He showed up on the ESPN field-side set and not empty handed. Jones brought a box of Nathan’s hot dogs along with him and proceeded to chow down on live TV. He even remembered the condiments! The hot dogs at Citi Field aren’t quite as good as the ones at Nathan’s Original in Coney Island, but anytime someone gets to eat a box of hot dogs, they’re a winner to me.

2) Mets fan in the third deck – I’ve been to Citi Field before and have sat up there in the third deck in left field. The view is alright, the tickets are cheap, but never did I think a player would hit a home run up there. This Mets fan probably thought the same, just excited to be in the building for the Derby. Good thing he brought his glove. The fan caught one of the moon shots Cespedes hit up there, and celebrated. That may have been the most excited any Mets fan has been all year. The Mets will be good in a couple of years, but this year they’re stuck in mediocrity. It was fun to see part of their fan base get so excited, even if it was just for a few moments.

1) Bryan Harper’s mustache – Bryce Harper has the hair, Ron Harper has the cut-fastball, but Bryan Harper trumps both of them. Bryan, Bryce’s older brother, is a pitcher also in the Washington Nationals organization. He’s currently playing for the Hagerstown Suns in Single A. Forgetting about his baseball career for now, holy cow what a mustache he has! He was sitting on the field, rooting on his brother during the Derby when ESPN cut to a view of him. I’ll admit it, I’m jealous. MLB has been missing a great mustache like that every since Rollie Fingers retired in 1985. Bryan Harper may never make the Majors, but somehow, someway he need to be given more face-time. What do you think ESPN… maybe bring him on as part of Baseball Tonight?

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