Theft at Merion Golf Club of U.S. Open alcohol

Two days after the ending of the U.S. Open, $10,000 worth of alcohol was stolen from the Trophy Club pavilion that was located at nearby Haverford College. It was an air conditioned pavilion for coverage of the U.S.Open only around 400 yards from the 18th hole.

A Haverford police brief alerted the media to this heist. The type or types of alcohol stolen were unidentified by the police but did note which alcoholic beverages were available according to the U.S. Open spectator guide.

The fact that alcohol that had been left there, on a college campus, was stolen is not surprising. The value or amount of alcohol is. Simply put, that is a lot of alcohol and Haverford College must have been having quite the U.S. Open after party. As USA Today points out, the alcohol probably did not make it very far from the pavilion, nor did it likely have a very long post-shelf life.

Maybe some students were just huge golf fans and wanted to congratulate Justin Rose in their own fashion.

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