Tiger Woods at 2012 Masters

After Tiger Woods finally ended his long and devastating drought by winning at Bay Hill a couple weeks ago, today marked the start of the masters.  Many people were glad to see Woods near the top of his game again when he won just weeks before the masters.  The only question was whether or not he would be able to keep up his performance through the 2012 masters.  Was he actually back, or was it simply a fluke in his wavering and spontaneous play-style he has adopted as of late?  Well, today he shot even in a day where he could have played better.  He is still lingering around the leader board, which is topped by Lee Westwood who shot for 5-under-par 67.

In a short interview after Woods was done playing, he said that he was disappointed in his outing.  He said that it took him some time to get a feel for the course and decide which shots to play.  He doesn’t doubt his ability and talent, but he is keen on getting his mind back in the game.  According to ESPN sources he said, “Today, I squeezed a lot out of that round.  I didn’t hit it very good at all.  I warmed up bad, too, and it continued on the golf course.  I just felt my way around today.  I really grinded, stayed very present.  And you know, I know how to play this golf course.  I think it’s just understanding what I need to do.”

Seemingly yet another response that we are very familiar to hearing from Woods regarding his performance at a major as of late, but do we believe him this time?  Will he gather himself and put everything together to perform like the golfer we know him to be?  Only time will tell.  I believe he will prove to everyone that he is relevant again.

Right after his interview, he went straight to the driving range.  Woods isn’t shying away from the spotlight.  He is doing everything in his control to prove that he is a winner again.  And let’s face it, everyone wants him to be the best again.  Without Tiger Woods, the sport of golf loses its face and intensity.  Woods brings excitement and energy to the course, which is far and different from what many of his opponents bring to the table.  We all want to see him in his trademarked red nike shirt on that final Sunday.  If it comes down to a couple puts, there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than seeing him knock down a crucial shot, followed by a convincing fist pump and celebration.

Time will tell if this is Tiger’s year.  We will find out if his victory at Bay Hill was a sign of more victories and successes to come. Be sure to watch further coverage of the tournament on ESPN tomorrow at 3 p.m.

  • http://twitter.com/tramainlyfamous Tramaine Richardson

    Tiger Woods will forever be a great golf player. I have faith that after the whole ordeal he went through that he will once play like he once did!