Tim Tebow not ready to end NFL career

Free agent quarterback Tim Tebow and the circus that follows him have yet to find a home after being released by the New York Jets last month.

ESPN the Magazine reported Friday that sources close to Tebow are privately admitting his National Football League career is finished. However, according to USA Today, Tebow isn’t ready to retire, or move to the Arena Football League or Canadian Football League.

Tebow is determined to be a part of an NFL roster when the regular season starts three months from now, but no team has shown any interest. The lack of interest may primarily stem from the chaotic sideshow that follows Tebow, which is mainly generated from ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless, who’s obsession with the idea that Tebow makes a team better has convinced people Tebow should be given a chance.

Teammates and Coaches have nothing but praise for Tebow the Person, but it’s clear that the entire NFL doubts Tebow the Football Player can contribute anything to a team.

Every team that needed a quarterback chose to go a different route. The Buffalo Bills drafted EJ Manuel, the Arizona Cardinals signed a way past his prime Carson Palmer, the Oakland Raiders signed Matt Flynn, and the Jacksonville Jaguars chose to stick with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne.

Any rational person who watches Tebow knows that he does not have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. He throws passes into the dirt, misses his targets, makes poor decisions, has poor mechanics, and couldn’t even grab the Jets’ starting job from the incompetent Mark Sanchez.

Tebow is a wonderful human being, but he needs to realize his days of being a NFL quarterback have long passed him by.

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