Tim Tebow speaks at Easter Service

Tim Tebow spoke about his faith in front of crowd of about 15,000 at Celebration Church on Easter Sunday.

He participated in a sit-down interview with head pastor Joe Champion, where he lightly criticized athletes claiming that they are not role models.

“Yes you are,” Tebow said about those athletes who claim not to be role models. “You’re just not a good one.”

When asked what needed to change culturally in America, he responded: “First and foremost is what this country was based on: one nation under God.”

He is happy that his faith is being talked about, and thinks that it is “OK” for an athlete to be outspoken about his or her faith.

“It’s being talked about,” he said. “That’s exciting.”

He claimed to continue his faith pose on the field because it brings his faith into public conversation, a topic of discussion that he believes needs more attention.

Celebration Church is a mega-church with four campuses, so the 15,000-person crowd was not an unfamiliar scene.

The church said that Easter Sunday is traditionally one of their highest-attended services of the year, and they were even expecting 20,000 people to be present at the service.

The service was held outdoors in the church’s Georgetown, Texas location and featured many people leaving after Tebow’s 20-minute interview was over.