Tom Brady signs 3-year extension with Patriots

Tom Brady has signed a 3-year extension on Monday with the New England Patriots worth around $27 million.  This deal will earn the 13-year veteran much less than the average pay for a franchise quarterback.

The deal will immediately give Brady a $3 million signing bonus and will continue to pay $7 million in 2015, $8 million in 2016, and $9 million in 2017, according to Sports Illustrated.

This contract will keep Brady on the Patriots until he turns 40 in 2017.  Brady, currently 35, has won three Super Bowl championships and has been named league MVP twice in his illustrious career.  It seems as though this pay cut is a small price to pay for Brady to remain with a franchise that is built around him and has had major success over the last decade.

Brady’s current deal is worth $72 million over 4 years with $48 million guaranteed, reported the Associated Press.

Sources have reported that not only is this deal conservative for a star quarterback but it is less than half of what Brady is worth.  The contract will open close to $15 million in cap space for the team to sign free agents and to remain an AFC East powerhouse.

Brady’s new deal will surely help strengthen the team in more ways than one.

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