Tony Gwynn and Thomas Tull team up to buy San Diego Padres

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn and movie producer Thomas Tull are looking to pair up to buy John Moores’ 51 percent share of the San Diego Padres.  Gwynn, who is still the coach for San Diego State Universities’ baseball team, wants to be a part of the club that he spent his entire career with.  He has met with other partners, but met his match when he and Tull got together.  There are others in contention, but Gwynn might have a slight edge with how close he is to Moores and his ties with the club.

Gwynn and Tull met in San Diego last week and have kept in contact since.  Gwynn was excited with everything the producer had to say.  His ideas and how he wants to execute them are key, but the biggest thing for Gwynn was that he wants to win.  Tull is not in it to say he owns the club.

When I met with him last week, Mr. Tull convinced me he’s the perfect owner of this team. I have no idea what role I might play, but I am 100 percent in. He asked me to be a part of his group and I have accepted,” Gwynn said.

If the two end up owning the majority share of the club, Padres fans should expect big things for the future.  Gwynn had a glorious past with the team and has knowledge of the game, which, when paired with Tull’s success as a businessman, could bring the struggling club to the top.

Tull’s resume is quite impressive. He is a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, charter member of the Zoological Society of San Diego and is the chairman and CEO of Legendary Pictures.  If that is not impressive, Gwynn’s history with the team is legendary.  The Padres retired his number in ’04, erected a statue of him outside the stadium and changed the address of Petco Park to 19 Tony Gwynn Drive.

Hedge fund billionaire Steven Cohen, White Sox executive Dennis Gilbert, former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley and Houston developer and minority owner of the San Francisco Giants David S. Wolff are also looking to purchase the team.

I hope we get the chance to do this stuff,” Gwynn said. ”Right now, we’re waiting for the process to take care of itself and hopefully we’ll get it.”

This opportunity came out of the blue and looks to be a great pairing.  The two can definitely bring a team that lost 99 games in 2008, 87 games in ’09 and 91 games last season back in contention.

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