Top 10 Derek Jeter Moments

On Thursday,Derek Jeter returned to the New York Yankees lineup. Jeter missed the first 91 games of the season after breaking his ankle in game one of the American League Championship Series against the Tigers. Jeter has had many moments that Yankees fans and baseball fans remember and here are the top 10.

10. 2000 All Star Game MVP and World Series MVP

Jeter went 3-3 in the All Star game with two runs batted in to become the first Yankees player to be named All Star Game MVP. He also went on to help lead the Yankees to their forth World Series title in five years that season defeating crosstown rivals the New York Mets. Jeter hit .409 with two home runs in the Subway Series.

9. Jump Throw

This play is known as Jeter’s signature play and whenever Jeter makes a backhanded play Yankees fans anticipate him to see Jeter leap in the air and make the throw in one fluent motion.

8. Jeter flips into stands vs A’s

This play by Jeter occurred in the top of the eighth inning in game five of the American League Division Series against the Oakland A’s. It was a two run game at that point and helped lead the Yankees to eliminate the A’s from the postseason that night.

7.Farewell Speech from Old Yankee Stadium

The 2008 season was the last season at the old Yankee Stadium. The Yankees failed to make the playoffs in 2008,in the last home game at Yankee Stadium, Jeter gave a speech to the fans and the rest of the team tipped their caps to the fans.

6. Jeter passes Gehrig as Yankees all time hit leader.

On September 11,2009, Jeter passed Lou Gehrig as the Yankees all time hits leader. Jeter passed Gehrig with his 2,722 career hit against the Baltimore Orioles with a base hit into right field.

5. Jeffrey Maier Incident

In game one of the 1996 American League Championship Series against the Orioles, Jeter hit a deep fly ball to right field. Right fielder Tony Tarasco was under the flyball at the wall and thought he would catch it and then a 12 year old fan reached over the wall and pulled it over the wall for a home run. The Orioles protested but the umpires ruled it a home run.

4. Jeter dives into the stands

On July,1,2004, Jeter sacrificed his body when Trot Nixon hit a ball down the left field line, Jeter sprinted and caught the ball and all his momentum forced him in to the stands. Jeter rose from the crowd and appeared bloody and bruised. He was forced to leave the game after that play but was in the lineup the next day for the Yankees.

3. Flip play

The Yankees were trailing in the ALDS 2 games to none to the A’s and this play changed the whole momentum of the series for the Yankees. Jeter made a play based on instinct when outfielder Shane Spencer missed the relay man and Jeter ran across the field to throw a shovel pass to Jorge Posada to tag out Jeremy Giambi to end the inning.

2. Mr. November

In game four of the World Series, Jeter hit a walk off home run as the clock passed midnight and the date became November 1,2001. Jeter became known as Mr. November which is a play off Reggie Jackson’s nickname Mr. October.

1. 3,000 hits

Jeter got is 3,000th hit on July 9,2011 off David Price. His 3,000th hit was a home run. He became the 28th player in Major League Baseball history with 3,000 hits and the first Yankee to reach the milestone. Jeter went 5-5 in the game against the Tampa Bay Rays.


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