Top Ten disappointing MLB players for 2013

Some players don’t meet the lofty expectations created during Spring Training. Here’s a list of some of the players who have disappointed fans so far this season.

#10 Ike Davis

Davis is so low on this list for a couple of reasons despite his putrid start to 2013: The Mets had little to no expectations team wise coming into the year, and even though he had a great second half in 2012, Davis still hit only .227. The Mets expected Ike to build off his great second half last year, a year in which he finished with 32 home runs, but Davis was awful to say the least in the first half this year. He has hit .171 with five home runs and only 18 RBI’s, mixed in with that was some time in the minor leagues.

#9 Albert Pujols

In 2011 if you were asked who the best hitter in the MLB was, the answer would be Albert Pujols without hesitation. At that point he was still with the St. Louis Cardinals, the team he had won two World Series with and three MVP awards. After winning the World Series in 2011 Pujols signed a free agent deal with the Los Angeles Angels for ten years and $250 million. After a slow start in his first season with the Angels Pujols put up his normal numbers. But this year Pujols, a career .321 hitter, is batting just .250 with 14 home runs and 53 RBI’s. Not bad numbers by any means, but for someone who was the best hitter in baseball two years ago, still a bit disappointing.

#8 Starlin Castro

Starlin Castro seemed destined to be the next big star shortstop after his first two full seasons in the league produced some great numbers. In 2011, his first full season in the big leagues, Castro notched a league leading 207 hits and hit .307 with ten home runs and 66 RBI’s. In 2012 Castro didn’t register as many hits, but his power numbers increased (14 home runs 78 RBI’s). Castro seemed like he would be a career .300 hitter and continue to improve his power swing. But this year has seen Castro take a big step back. He is hitting just .234 with five home runs and 27 RBI’s.

#7 Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp got off to a sizzling start in 2012 before he was sidelined with injuries. At this point Kemp was starting to come into his own as one of the best players in the league. In 2011 Kemp led the league with 39 home runs and 129 RBI’s, and missed only one game all season. Coming into this season Kemp figured to go right back on his track toward superstardom, but that has not happened. Kemp got off to a slow star, and that, combined with injuries has led to a disappointing 2013 campaign. Kemp has had multiple DL stints leading to him playing only 61 games this season. In those 61 games Kemp has only four home runs 29 RBI’s and nine stolen bases.

#6 C.C. Sabathia

Coming into this season the Yankees were dealing with a rash of injuries. A-Rod and his hip, Jeter and his ankle, Granderson and Teixeira also started the year on the disabled list. The Yankees thought they would at least have the same old Sabathia to give them the ace they were used to. But that hasn’t happened this year. Sabathia had win totals of 19, 21, and 19 in 2008-2010 respectively, all with an ERA below 3.40. So far this year Sabathia does have nine wins, which is a good number, but his ERA is 4.00 which not something a team expects from their ace. Sabathia didn’t make the All-Star teams for the first time in the last four years. The Yankees have stayed in the race this year, even with the crazy amount of injuries and a disappointing C.C. Sabathia in the first half.

#5 R.A. Dickey

Dickey is an interesting case because before the 2012 season, if Dickey had a bad year nobody would think anything of it, but then the 2012 season happened. Dickey’s previous career high in wins before 2012 was eleven, in 2010 with the Mets. But in 2012 Dickey won 20 games, led the league in strikeouts with 230, and won the Cy Young Award. This great season, in which he also featured a 2.76 ERA, made Dickey a hot commodity. The Blue Jays acquired him from the Mets for a few very good prospects. After the first half of this season that deal continues to look worse for the Blue Jays. Dickey has a losing record (8-9) an ERA of 4.77, and has only 85 strikeouts more than halfway through the season. After a Cy Young season Dickey has been quite the disappointment.

#4 B.J. Upton

B.J. Upton has always been the type of player with a ton of potential, but has never really been able to put it all together. This is shown by his career .250 batting average. Despite a lack of consistent production, the Braves gave Upton a five year deal worth $75 million. This contract came on the heels of his biggest year in terms of power production. In 2012 with the Rays Upton hit .246, with 28 home runs, 78 RBI’s and 31 stolen bases. After receiving the big contract, though Upton has gotten off to a terrible start with the Braves hitting just .178 with eight home runs and 20 RBI’s to go along with just seven stolen bases. The seven stolen bases puts Upton on pace to have his lowest total since 2006 when he had just come into the league and played only 50 games.

#3 Matt Cain

Matt Cain has seemed to steadily improve year by year since his first full year in 2006. But that trend has stopped this year. Cain, who was the ace of the pitching staff that led the Giants to the World Series in 2012 is having a well below average season thus far. He is 5-5 with a 4.85 ERA this season, and while his strikeouts per nine innings have gone up this is a major red flag for the Giants. Coming into the season, Cain seemed like as much of a lock as there is to have a great year. He was coming off back to back All-Star seasons, and in both of those campaigns he posted ERA’s below three. This disappointment seems to have come out of nowhere.

#2 Justin Verlander

This disappointment is similar to Pujols because it is all relative to what we expect from a player. Coming into the 2013 season Verlander was the unanimous choice for best pitcher in baseball. There was very good reason for this assertion. In 2011 Verlander led the league with 24 wins, 250 strikeouts and a 2.40 ERA, in route to the MVP award and Cy Young. In 2012 Verlander was no slouch either, winning 17 games, and leading the league again with 239 strikeouts. In 2011 and 2012 combined Verlander had ten complete games. Now flash forward to 2013 where Verlander has zero complete games, and although he has nine wins so far his ERA is 3.71, which is just average.

#1 Josh Hamilton

Hamilton came into the 2013 season as one of the best hitters in baseball. He put up some amazing numbers in 2012 with Texas including 43 home runs and 128 RBI’s. As a free agent Hamilton signed a five year $125 million deal with the Angels, and has not lived up to that in any way. Hamilton, a career .296 hitter, is batting .227 with 13 home runs and 34 RBI’s this year for the disappointing Angels. Hamilton signed a contract with a team full of star power, has stood out, but in a bad way making him the biggest disappointment of the first half of the 2013 MLB season.

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