Two suspects arrested for Odin Lloyd’s murder trial (update)

Carlos Ortiz, a Connecticut resident, was arrested as a suspect in the murder trial against former Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez, while another suspect, Ernest Wallace, was brought to Massachusetts after turning himself in in South Florida.

According to CBS Boston, Ortiz was being charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm on June 17 at North Attleborough, where Hernandez resides.

Ortiz is a committed father of three children, two daughters and one son, and the arrest was a surprise to people such as a friend and a relative of his.

“He’s not that type of person,” his 24-year-old friend Milton Montesdeoca told the Associated Press. “He has a good heart.”

Both Wallace and Ortiz were recognized as people being with Hernandez on the night of Odin Lloyd’s murder.

John Connors, Ortiz’s attorney, told the Star Tribune that on the hearing taking place on July 9, he will be looking to get his client out on bail.

“I can say that his charge has nothing to do with homicide,” he said.

UPDATE – Carlos Ortiz

Ortiz was arraigned on Friday for the charges being pressed against him. “We now have in custody the three individuals who were in the silver Nissan Altima,” District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter said Friday to the Associated Press, after Ortiz’s arraignment.

UPDATE – Prospective interviewee killed in car crash

The Hartford Courant reported that 33-year-old Thaddeus Singleton III, a person having associated with Hernandez was killed in a car accident, but the passenger survived with injuries.

Singleton has a criminal record, having served time in prison back in the 1990s for drug-related charges. The car that Singleton crashed was registered to his father-in-law, Hernandez’ uncle, according to The Courant.