UPSET: Virginia Cavaliers win against Duke Blue Devils

Absolutely no one saw it coming. The surprise of the Virginia Cavaliers beating the No. 3 Duke Blue Devils Thursday night shocked many college basketball fans.

It was Joe Harris who had a career best night with 36 points, reports the Associated Press. Considering the score was 73-68 and he had almost half of those points, it shows that he was pretty responsible for the win. However, Harris gives credit to his team.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski gave Harris all the credit he deserved. “Harris was fantastic, which we knew he would be. He’s just one of the best players in the country. When you have a guy playing at that level … it brings everybody up. You know you’re playing with a stud.”

Akil Mitchell added 19 points and 12 rebounds to the Cavaliers’ night. It was Mitchell and Harris who led their team to victory that ended with their fans storming the court.

Cavaliers’ Jontel Evans said, “It’s just great. They’re the reason we go so hard when we’re here. We feed off their energy. They’ve been great. They’ve just been unbelievable this year. I’ve never seen support like this.”

While Curry led Duke in scoring with 28 points, he only had five points in the first half. Quinn Cook also played well with 22 points. The Blue Devils could not slow down Harris and Mitchell though.

What really did the Blue Devils in was rebounding. The Cavaliers out rebounded the Blue Devils 36-26 and the Blue Devils only shot 39.6%.

It was an upset that will not be forgotten by either team.

Coach Krzyzewski was incredibly upset with the security after the game. Before Duke could get off the court the Virginia fans stormed the court and Krzyzewski felt that it was a security issue, reports the Los Angeles Times.

He said, “Whatever you’re doing, you need to get the team off first. Look, do you know how close you are to. … Just put yourself in the position of one of our players or coaches. I’m not saying any fan did this, but the potential is there all the time for a fan to just go up to you and say, ‘Coach you’re a [expletive],’ or push you or hit you. And what do you do? What if you did something? That would be the story. We deserve that type of protection.”

In the video below you can see that there were yellow shirts there to try to help with the situation, but Krzyzewski did not think that was enough. Hopefully Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils will focus more on their big game Saturday against Miami.

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