Urban Meyer not happy with NCAA rule change

Urban Meyer was the best thing for Ohio State after the Jim Tressel and player drama a couple of years ago. The Ohio State Buckeyes finished this season 12-0, but could not go to a bowl game due to the ban that was placed on them.

Columbus and the students at the Ohio State University are very proud of their season. So proud that they named a part of a major road through campus, Lane Avenue, that passes right by Ohio Stadium “12-0 Row.” After some ways it returns to Lane Ave.

Some of the bigger recruits for the Buckeyes are Dontre Wilson and Trey Johnson. Wilson had flipped to the decision of Ohio State after Chip Kelley decided to coach in the NFL. Johnson flipped to the decision of Ohio State after the Auburn coaching staff change, according to the Plain Dealer.

The Buckeyes also recruited, Vonn Bell. Meyer gives credit to Everrett Withers for catching Bell. Meyer said, ”I used to call it the octopus technique — just tentacles around every person, everything involved in this kid’s life. And that’s what Everett did.”

While Meyer had a good day with recuits he is upset about the possible changes to the rules in the NCAA to unlimited correspondence, according to ESPN.

The NCAA’s board of directors is proposing a change to the rules that there can be unlimited correspondence between programs and recruits with text messages, social media, and printed recuited materials.

Meyer is not pleased with this and plans to write a letter to all of the coaches.

He said during his press conference on Wednesday, ”Bad stuff. That’s stuff that we’re going to have to talk [about], the Big Ten Conference is going to meet and I’m putting together a personal letter to all the coaches in America that I disagree with most of it. I would imagine not many people who have recruited wrote those [rules].

Meyer also said, ”That’s my question: Who comes up with that? Have they actually got in a car and went and recruited sophomores in high school? Think about this for a second — unlimited mailings and you can mail them whatever you want. Take a deep breath and whoever said that, put that in motion, could you imagine what’s going to be rolling into kids’ driveways? Fatheads and magnets — nonsense.”

The change is not official yet and it will be interesting to see what Meyer can stir up in other people. Meyer has also shown through example that it is not impossible to have a good recruiting year.


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