Vanquisher of Nadal, Steve Darcis, steps out of Wimbledon with injury

Steve Darcis of Belgium, ranked 135, who stunned the world by upsetting Rafael Nadal in the opening round of Wimbledon, has stepped out of the Grand Slam tournament due to a right-shoulder injury.

Just hours before he was supposed to face his second-round opponent, Darcis withdrew reports Sports Illustrated. Many thought Darcis could make a run of sorts at Wimbledon after his impressive showing in his first-round victory of the 5-seed Rafael Nadal in straight sets.

According to The Guardian, Darcis injured the shoulder during his match against Nadal. His coach, Reginald Williams, said that the injury left Darcis unable to move that arm.

The Belgian believes that the injury occurred on a diving shot during the seventh game of the opening set against Nadal, but was able to keep playing fine and did not feel any pain until after.

“After the match, a few hours after, I started to feel so much pain. I couldn’t sleep at night. I saw the physio and the doctor and they did a good job. It’s a little better today but there is no chance I can play,” Darcis said. “I cannot serve, even on the forehand serve. I cannot hit a ball.”

Darcis cites the adrenaline of match as likely being why he was able to play without noticing any pain while putting on what will likely stand as the performance of his career. It is a sore ending for what seemed to be a promising Cinderella story in a sport that has been so dominated by men like Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic over the last decade.

“That’s sport, unfortunately,” said his coach, Willems. “The greatest victory of his career is followed by the greatest disappointment of his career.”

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