Vezina trophy winner Henrik Lundqvist drops F-Bomb on NBC Sports

Henrik Lundqvist took home the most prestigious award for a goalie last Wednesday night when he took home his first Vezina trophy. He did, however, drop an F-Bomb on national TV that wasn’t blurred out by NBC.

The NYdailnyews reported that Lundqvist easily took the Vezina for the first time when he beat out Jonathan Quick of the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

“Wow, I can’t believe this. Thank you,” said Lundqvist.

Lundqvist  received 17 first-place votes of the 30 cast by NHL GMs, compared to Jonathan Quick of the Kings (6 votes) and Pekka Rinne of the Predators (4 votes). said it best that Lundqvist was extremely nervous.
“Oh, —-,” said Lundqvist, who immediately realized his mistake. “Sorry, I’m nervous! But it feels good!”
Lundqvist, from day one, earned the trophy as he kept a low scoring New York Rangers team in first place all season long. This man has been the runner-up three times for the trophy, but he has finally earned the right to call himself a Vezina trophy winner and an Olympic champion. Now he just needs one last trophy to call himself “the king.”


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