Warriors survive Nuggets in a 106-105 victory

The Golden State Warriors came out a very close 106-105 victory against the Denver Nuggets.

In the third quarter, the Warriors were down 83-68, but they didn’t give up. They cut the lead down to 86-78 by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

But Warriors’ guard Klay Thompsonknocked down a three pointer, cutting the deficit down to 91-88.

With a layup by David Lee and a three pointer by Stephen Curry, the Warriors got the lead, according to The Oakland Tribune.

With the Warriors up by one, the Denver Nuggets had only 2.1 seconds left on the game to win the game. In an attempt, Nuggets’ forward Andre Iguodala drilled a three pointer. However after careful review by the officials, the ball did not leave his hand on time.

During an interview with Nuggets’ head coach George Karl, he told the Denver Post, “As I told the team, we’re in a stage in the season where we’ve gotten better the last two games, but the losses are tough to handle. We’ve got to respect that on the road you must play a little bit smarter than we play. We’ve blown leads and our personality changes.”

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