What was Jeremy Roenick thinking?

So I found myself flipping through TV stations today. The third round of The Open had already concluded and it was in between innings of the Red Sox-Yankees game. I noticed NBC was televising “Golf,” as it said on the on-screen menu. Without reading any description, I decided to turn it on for what I thought would be 30 seconds or so.

It was a great decision.

What I tuned in to was the American Century Championship, the premier celebrity golf tournament, according to its website. The tournament, played on Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, is 54-holes with the winner taking home a $125,000 cash prize.

But enough with the who, what and where of the tournament, what happened in the time that it was on my television was, well, like nothing I’ve seen on a golf course before.

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, former hockey player Jeremy Roenick and former NFL star John Elway had just taken their shots on the par-3 17th and were walking towards the green when fans started throwing footballs and basketball at the golfers. This wasn’t in attempts to hit the players, but to get them to sign the balls and throw them back.

It was mayhem, balls flying everywhere. Curry even took a shot at a hoop that was set up. Let me remind you, this tournament was being played adjacent to Lake Tahoe, so there was a basketball net on a beach! I’ve been to beaches plenty of times before and have seen some interesting games being played, but never have I seen a basketball net on a beach. Curry, by the way, missed the shot.

That wasn’t the strangest occurrence though.

Elway had just picked up a football when Roenick started streaking down the fairway as if he was running go-route. Elway fired a perfect strike but Roenick dropped the ball, much to the disliking of the crowd.

An embarrassed Roenick grabbed another football off the ground – I told you, they were everywhere – and brought it back to Elway for a chance to redeem himself. This time, who I believe to be, Roenick’s caddie guarded him as he ran his route, still carrying the golf bag.

Roenick beat his caddie and caught the ball. As his caddie chased after him, the clubs started falling out of the bag, leaving a trail of lost clubs behind. Roenick, still running, came across a little bush, jumping (diving? Rolling? Flipping?) over it and coming down hard on his back. Luckily it was in the sand.

I had seen enough, and turned it back to the baseball game. But in the few minutes that the American Century Championship was on my television, it did not disappoint.

Unfortunately, I don’t have DVR and the video has not been uploaded anywhere. In the meantime, enjoy this video of Alfonso Ribeiro of Fresh Prince doing the Carlton Dance at the tournament.

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