WWE Monday Night Raw preview 4/9/12

The WWE rolls into The Verizon Center live from Washington D.C. for Monday Night Raw. Two weeks removed from the biggest show of the year Wrestlemania, the landscape of the WWE was drastically changed last week.

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar made his shocking return to the WWE. There was rumors surrounding his return for a few weeks but nothing was confirmed until his music hit and the crowd went into a frenzy. Twitter was blowing up with Lesnar’s surprise return.

Brock Lesnar came down to the ring and hit his signature F-5 finishing move on John Cena, fresh off Cena’s Wrestlemania loss to Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson.

According to WWE.com, the cast of the new Three Stooges movie will be the special celebrity hosts of Monday Night Raw. The WWE superstars will become victims to their slapstick style of comedy, while promoting their new movie, which hits theaters on Friday.

Lord Tensai made his WWE debut last week, crushing Alex Riley, en route to a victory. The six-foot-seven, 360 pounder from Japan was impressive and looks for another opponent to defeat this week.

According to Bleacher Report, fans may recognize Lord Tensai as before he left to compete in Japan, he wrestled under the name Albert and was a former Intercontinental Champion.

The Chris Jericho- CM Punk feud will continue. How will CM Punk respond to the attacks of Jericho last week, both physically and on his family?

How will John Cena respond to the attack of Brock Lesnar? Raw starts at 9 pm EST.

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