Dudley Boyz walks out from WWE; retirement drew mixed emotions from RAW’s locker room

Dudley Boyz walks out from WWE; retirement drew mixed emotions from RAW’s locker room

After their match on Monday night RAW, The Dudley Boyz stunned everyone after they learned that it was the last night for the former tag team champions to perform inside the ring. Mixed emotions flowed from RAW’s locker room after learning that the retirement was no fluke.

Many thought that Monday night’s performance was part of a storyline. Sescoop noted that the Dudley Boyz, composed of Bubba Ray and D-Von, bid their farewell after having issues with their contract with the WWE. Rumors noted that for the past weeks, the WWE and the Dudley Boyz worked out a contract but later decided to part ways amicably.

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In their match against The Club, the Dudley Boyz bowed out of the show in 3D style. As they walked backstage, a standing ovation awaited them that includes the McMahons and the entire RAW roster. The decorated tag team did not give any statement on what they will do next and most likely the duo will concentrate on running their wrestling academy in Orlando. They are also being linked to appear on indie promotions such as the Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore.

The Dudley Boyz made their wrestling debut on April 13, 1996 when they joined the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Aside from ECW, the Dudley Boyz would go on to wrestle in TNA, WCW, WWE/WWF, NWA, and IWGP. During their tenure, they held the tag team titles for several consecutive times. With their accomplishments, the WWE recognized them as the most decorated tag team in the industry.

Video Courtesy: WWE/YouTube.com

Video Courtesy: WWE/YouTube.com

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With their accomplishments, the Dudley Boyz, also known as Team 3D, were inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2014. It will be likely that they will also receive the same honor with the WWE.

Truly the Dudley Boyz are the gauge of tag team excellence in the world of wrestling entertainment. Now that they have retired, the Dudley Boyz hopes that tag teams in the WWE would continue what they have started and earned the glory that they have achieved as well.

Photo Courtesy: Gordon Woolley/Flickr