WWE legend Bret Hart calls Seth Rollins reckless; brands him as ‘bad luck’ for others to work with?

WWE legend Bret Hart calls Seth Rollins reckless; brands him as ‘bad luck’ for others to work with?

WWE legend Bret Hart voices out his concern about how Seth Rollins shows his skills inside the ring. Hart even went to call Rollins “reckless” and branded him as “bad Luck” for other wrestlers to work with.

Hart’s harsh criticism came after Rollins caused an injury to Finn Balor with the powerbomb outside the ring recently. The incident caused Balor to be out of action until 2017.

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This would not be the first time that Rollins got involved in serious career injuries. Rollins caused an injury to John Cena after he dropped a knee to Cena’s face during their match on Monday Night RAW. He also contributed for Sting to retire after a powerbomb into the turnbuckles.

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In a statement to WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman, Hart stated that Rollins’s action inside the ring need guidance as it could get someone killed along the way.

“Seth Rollins needs to improve his technique and become the safest wrestler in the business. I have great respect for Seth. I believe he’ll improve and hopefully stop hurting the talent before someone gets killed,” Hart said.

Hart noted that wrestlers need to trust one another as they hold the life of the other when they execute stunts. He explained that wrestlers get beaten every time they do stunts to please the audience. Hart hopes that Rollins would take his criticisms constructively as these are not meant as personal attacks on him.

“I am a really big fan of Seth’s. I think he’s one of the best young wrestlers in the world today. If you can’t protect the guy you are working with, you need to go back ponder on it. It’s a good criticism,” Hart noted in his podcast last June.

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Hart points out what he thinks would help Rollins in improving his craft. He stresses out that he does not attack him personally, but wants to help him. Hart stresses that Rollins need be man enough in taking criticisms and professional enough in doing something about it.

Photo Courtesy: Miguel Discart/Flickr