WWE Rumors: Carlito to become part of The Shining Stars?

WWE Rumors: Carlito to become part of The Shining Stars?

Primo and Epico, The Shining Stars, made their re-debut on the latest episode Monday Night Raw by defeating a couple of local wrestlers. It was not a memorable debut for the former Los Matadores, but rumors are starting to swirl about Carlito joining The Shining Stars and forming a stable.

The official preview for the debut of Primo and Epico were titled “Carribean Cool,” per WWE.com. For those who do not know, Carlito’s first ring name was Carlito Caribbean Cool.

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According to The Inquisitr, the WWE may be teasing the return of the former superstar. However, it could also be just a way of messing with the internet fans hoping for Carlito’s return to the company.

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The reaction The Shining Stars got was a very bad sign that the gimmick might not work. Nonetheless, The New Day also got the same reaction on their debut and look at them now. They are the most entertaining characters on the WWE roster for the past year.

The Shining Stars can become successful if they are given freedom to do what they want. It could also be helpful if Carlito will return and become their leader. He is a better talker and has more charisma than his younger brother and cousin.

It should also be noted that the former Intercontinental and the United States champion re-tweeted one of the WWE’s post about The Shining Stars on May 2nd. You can view the tweet below.

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Back in March, Carlito told Hannibal TV that he is very open about returning to the WWE. There were rumors back then saying that the WWE offered him a contract last year but it was deemed too low by the Puerto Rican wrestler.

“I am in the best shape of my life right now. I still got a couple of years left and it’s really up to them. The ball is in their court. That’s where I started, that’s where I made my career. I haven’t been anywhere else so far. My plan is to always go back under the right circumstances,” Carlito said.

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  • Joe Smo

    lmao have the new day been the most entertaining or most annoying? & WWE won’t bring back Carlito because it’s the only way these two guys will be accepted.

    • Billjoe

      Alberto Del Rio can join the Shining Stars its stars Caribbean
      primo and epico making a offer?……. …….

  • aaron

    they get Don Muraco as the Vaudevillains Manger

    Plus bring back Rey Mysterio join the Lucha Dragons

    Roman Reigns attire for the “super” anoa’i family stable consisting of Roman Reigns & The Uso’s. This mod adds uso style war paint for the face of Roman Reigns.

    Carlito should join the Shining Stars