WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose triple threat match against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins set to gauge who is a crowd favorite?

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose triple threat match against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins set to gauge who is a crowd favorite?

Dean Ambrose cash in after winning the Money In the Bank ladder match and winning the WWE heavyweight title and rumors are swirling that his title defense against former teammates and former champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a triple treat on WWES’s Battleground is meant to gauge who is more of a crowd favorite.

When Roman Reigns took hold of the heavyweight championship title, many criticized him as someone who could not wrestle. Reigns lost grip of the championship title when Seth Rollins scored an upset last June 19 at the T-Mobile Arena. For Ambrose, he had an uphill climb to get the championship belt as he had to dispose Dolph Ziggler to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, wherein he ended up winning.

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On the same night, Ambrose cashed in his briefcase and went on to successfully beat long-time rival and former teammate Seth Rollins. On his first night as heavyweight champion, Ambrose showed up at RAW but before he could celebrate his new reign with the crowd in Phoenix, Roman Reigns interrupts the celebration and stated that he has as rematch clause in his contract, but Seth Rollins interrupted also and noted that he should also get a rematch clause as well. To settle things that night, Stephanie McMahon cleared the air and announced that Seth Rollins and Roman Reign will battle for the right to face Ambrose for the heavyweight title.

When the match between Rollins and Reigns got going, both superstars have been counted out after neither one of them failed to come back inside the ring. Stephanie McMahon came out again and stated that the bout was not to end that way and as she was to give her decision of the match, Ambrose interrupted and stated that he would take on both Rollins and Reigns inside the ring. Thus, McMahon announced that Ambrose will face both Rollins and Reigns in a triple threat match in WWE’s Battleground which will be a pay-per-view set on June 24 in Verizon Center in Washington.

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Ambrose is sending a message to both Rollins and Reigns that he intends to keep his reign as he gives both contenders and his former teammates under The Shield his signature move “The Dirty Deeds” and lifts his heavyweight belt to the delight of the crowd.

But according to Forbes.com contributor Alfred Konuwa it seems that the WWE is so eager to cash in the story line too early, he added that the supposed conflict within The Shield could at least take hold until Wrestlemania 33. But with that noted, it seems there is no stopping the scheduled triple threat match that will surely give pay-per-view another spike and profit for the WWE and an acid test as well for Ambrose as he goes up against his former teammates.

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  • Red

    Easy tell people. Rollins=Ambrose>>>>Reigns if the crowds are anything to go by. It’s not that hard and one doesn’t need a match to see it. Vince won’t like the result since his Golden Boy Cena 2.0 will come out on the bottom. And if you go by the crowds at Money in the Bank last Sunday, then the result was clearly Ambrose>Rollins>Reigns. Done.

    Also, all those times you mentioned Stephanie doing stuff on Raw? The “stuff” was correct but try Shane instead. Stephanie wasn’t there.