WWE Rumors: Triple H unhappy with Shane McMahon being back in the company

WWE Rumors: Triple H unhappy with Shane McMahon being back in the company

The WWE is having a real life tension between Shane and Stephanie McMahon. According to the latest WWE rumors, Stephanie’s husband Triple H is very unhappy with Shane returning to the company even in just a television role.

In a report by Wrestle Zone, there is backstage heat between Shane and Stephanie & Triple H since the former returned last February. Shane-O-Mac was brought back after a seven-year absence to get involved in a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, which he lost.

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The report noted that WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart said during his latest The Sharpshooter Show podcast that he felt the tension when he was backstage at WWE Payback last May 1. Hart mentioned that Shane, Stephanie and Triple H can’t be seen in the same room during the event.

“In the backstage area, I never saw Stephanie, Triple H and Shane all in the same room. I’m just reading between the lines without knowing anything. I could see that there was real tension there. I noticed when I saw Shane after Natalya’s match that he didn’t go into what they call the Gorilla Position,” Hart said.

“He wasn’t there. He wouldn’t go in there. He kind of stayed out and I realized then that it was just Stephanie and Triple H that were in there. There’s a lot of tension in the air and Stephanie, Triple H and Shane aren’t comfortable with the attention but Vince is loving it. He’s just throwing more gas on the fire,” he added.

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According to The Inquisitr, there are many speculations from the fans that the New McMahon Era storyline will eventually lead to a match between Triple H and Shane at SummerSlam. The feud will likely culminate with the rumored Brand Split taking over the story going forward.

As for the backstage heat, it is believed that Triple H does not like the fact that Shane could be back in position to take over the company. Hunter and Stephanie have worked hard to be where they are right now for the past seven years while Shane is out doing other non-wrestling ventures.

However, Shane is not signed as an executive but just a television talent. He was supposed to leave again after WrestleMania but he sold a lot of tickets that is why he was retained as an on-screen character.

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    Shane needs to stay & run everything because he is doing extremely well/great at it again as usual & Stephanie & Triple H need to leave the company all together whether by firing them or whatever but they need to go!

    • I agree with you. Their is no reason for Triple H to be trying to run WWE. Its bad enough he married Stephanie Mcmahon but than he tries to run WWE though he has no idea how to run a Wrestling business. To me it looks like if Vince DIED Triple H WOULD BE QUICKLY WILLING TO SELL THE WWE

      • Ben Tarr

        … Except that he’s been in the business for decades and created NXT…

  • anthony optimo

    Triple h and stephanie have worked hard to get the company to where it is, hemorrhaging money and making WWE a terrible and only brand of wrestling entertainment. Maybe Shane is the answer.

    • Ben Tarr

      … What…?
      Are you actually complaining that WWE was successful enough to become the biggest player in the market? And blaming that on Stephanie and HHH like they did something incorrect…?

      • anthony optimo

        Views are down, interest in the business is down, storyline are not compelling as in the attitude era (pre triple H and stephanie running the show). They are the only player in the market and have become complacent . Vince had a part in that too. I haven’t watched in years and judging by the current world champion, I won’t be watching anytime soon.
        Something is wrong, stephanie workout videos? C’mon bruh.

        • She could of worn a bikini at least in the video

          • anthony optimo

            Stephanie McMahon should live in a bikini.

          • now i didn’t mean to say I LIKED HER BUT MAYBE IF SHE WERE IN A BINKINI I MIGHT WATCH IT.

          • anthony optimo

            I might vote for her for president.

  • Ray Hopkins

    Shane Mcmahon is out there trying to make things happen for the future of the Mcmahon family instead of hanging around in a dying entertainment medium with a gold digging, bad for the business spouse trying to suck whatever money they can out of the old man before he dies and that’s because Shane is a patriarch and Stephanie is a women who just wants everything handed to her while she sleeps with her loser boyfriend