WWE SummerSlam 2016 Rumors: Brock Lesnar looking at Randy Orton, Samoa Joe as possible opponents?

WWE SummerSlam 2016 Rumors: Brock Lesnar looking at Randy Orton, Samoa Joe as possible opponents?

Brock Lesnar has become a hot commodity these days after announcing his comeback in the Octagon and being booked against Mark Hunt at UFC 200, as early as now the WWE is already booking for a SummerSlam 2016 gig and rumors are swirling that it could be either Randy Orton or Samoa Joe.

Booking a match for Lesnar in the WWE proves challenging as no one is on the level but Sportskeeda noted that among the superstars that the WWE has, three names stood out as possible opponents for Lesnar this summer namely Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe. But the story line for Orton and Joe are likely the names that the WWE is considering for a match with Lesnar after his UFC 200 gig in Las Vegas.

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Randy Orton seemed appealing since SummerSlam could be the best spot for Orton’s return to ring action. Orton suffered a shoulder injury that placed him out of action last year. Now that he is on the road to recovery, a possible feud with Lesnar would be a fresh story line that could be explored leading up to SummerSlam. Though it could be noticeable that Orton does not stand a chance against Lesnar but with his old tricks up his sleeves, Orton might be able to pull an upset against Lesnar.

Orton has been in the WWE since 2001 and having another run inside the ring would prove worthy of a story line especially with Lesnar in the mix. It’s a fresh idea that could bring solid following for the company leading to SummerSlam.

On the other hand, Samoa Joe might be an unlikely opponent for Lesnar but it could be an appealing one depending on how the story line would be drawn. Many of the fans might not know who Samoa Joe is, but pitting him against Lesnar could draw interest on him and could be one of the rivalries that could be exploited. Joe is the NXT Champion and with Lesnar taking on Mark Hunt, who is also of Samoan heritage, it could be a storyline worthy of developing.

But whoever Lesnar faces in SummerSlam must get ready for a Hell of a match because he would not stop until he breaks his opponent’s will inside the ring. Honestly, no one in the WWE locker room could be at par with the athleticism and power of Lesnar. The WWE might try to develop raw talents to match that of Lesnar but that will certainly take lots years to develop, but who knows the WWE has been creative in developing story lines that have made the company last to where it is now.

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  • Victor

    Randy orton et plus apparut sur le ring depuis hell in a cell un retour contre lesnar serait pas de refus de plus une victoire de orton serait exceptionnelle , Plus qu’a attendre 🙂 :p