Yankees’ Curtis Granderson out for 10 weeks with a broken forearm

Curtis Granderson stepped up to the plate for the first time in the Grapefruit League season and was hit by a pitch, fracturing his right forearm and will miss approximately 10 weeks on Sunday at .

The Yankees outfielder had a 2-2 count in the bottom of the first inning and was drilled on a pitch from Toronto Blue Jays left-hander J.A. Happ. According to the MLB.com Granderson was taken to Dr. Daniel Murphy in Tampa where he had an X-ray performed on his forearm.

“My body was feeling good, mind was feeling good and I was ready to go,” Granderson said, notes the New York Daily News. “Five pitches in we have a little setback. They said it could be worse, but…Now we rest, recover, get it back and get ready to play whenever that day comes.”

Granderson, 31, started last season as the team’s starting center fielder but played the top of the first inning in left field and Brett Gardner was in center.

Granderson will be out for the rest of spring training and miss the beginning of the regular season but will return to the lineup in early May.

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