Yasiel Puig benched, lesson being taught?

Yasiel Puig has been a major spark plug for the Los Angeles Dodgers since his arrival over two months ago. He has helped the Dodgers go from last place to World Series favorite in that short span. Along the way though, Puig has made some questionable decisions on the field which need to be reined in a little bit if he wants to lead the Dodgers all the way.

The Dodgers were in Miami on Tuesday to play against the Marlins where Puig has a home, and Puig arrived to the ballpark late. He received a normal fine for the tardiness, and was not in the lineup for the game. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the decision for Puig not to play in this game was already made before he arrived late to the ballpark.

“Yasiel has been struggling, actually the whole front part of our lineup has been struggling. And it just seemed like the right time,” said Mattingly, according to CBS Los Angeles. Puig had been hitless in his last 11 at bats and hitting .171 in the last nine games.

Puig is also known for making some overaggressive, or downright dumb plays. Fox Sports reports that the fact that these fundamental lapses keep happening is a sign Puig is not ready to lead the Dodgers in the postseason. They also said that Puig has not been listening to coaches, which could be more motivation for Tuesday’s benching.

Puig is still only 22 and has a lot to learn about the game of baseball at the Major League level, but it would behoove both he and the Dodgers if he started fine tuning his game sooner rather than later with a major playoff push approaching fast.

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