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10 amazing lessons Michael Phelps teaches about self and success on winning Rio Olympics 2016

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10 amazing Michael Phelps life lessons about life and success
Learn the 10 amazing Michael Phelps life lessons teaching you about life, self and success regardless of what field before retiring after Rio Olympics 2016.

Over the years, Rio Olympics 2016 American flag bearer Michael Phelps became one of the most successful Olympians of all time. Hence, his life teaches us lessons about our self and our success.

Before he joined Rio Olympics 2016, he admitted about his suicidal thoughts. But only a few knew about that. What the world sees is a strong man. A man who’s ready to conquer the waters and to get more medals. But how could his life be a source of inspiration?

1. Michael Phelps never lost faith.

If not because of his strong faith, he could’ve been dead. Or at least, he succumbed from despair and misery. He revealed about Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life” as his life saver. He said if he was not able to read the book, he could’ve not saved himself from taking his own life.

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2. He never lost focus.

He admitted he got confused about his identity whenever he’s out of the pool. He didn’t have a clear sense of purpose. In fact, it became the reason behind his alcoholism and personal problems.

“I thought the world would just be better off without me. I figured that was the best thing to do – just end my life,” Phelps told ESPN. However, he decided to move forward and change that.

3. He learned that suicide should not be an option.

Phelps has already thought about it. However, when he became a father to his son, Boomer, his life changed. His dramatic change resulted to the return of his love and best friend, Nicole.

Imagine if he committed suicide, he won’t have a chance to see his son and live with his fiancée.

4. Never stop dreaming.

Ambitious people like Michael Phelps sounded crazy for a lot of people. But the swimming champion proved that anyone could be as highly successful like him.

He’s the most decorated swimmer of all time with eight gold medals in single Olympics earned from Beijing in 2008. Phelps currently holds 16 Olympic medals (six gold medals and two bronze from Athens in 2004).

5. Never allow disability to be a hindrance for success.

Believe it or not Michael Phelps has ADHD. He was previously bullied and totally struggled at school. Regardless of his imperfection, he tried hard to become one of the best Olympians ever recorded in history.

6.He surrounded himself with great people.

The best strategy to succeed in life regardless of what field is to surround with the best people. When Michael Phelps started, he was already with his supportive mom and two elder sisters.

7. He never neglected his strengths.

One great mistake for some people is doing something they aren’t good at. They’re working on something they’re not interested at all. For Michael Phelps’ case, he chose swimming and excelled at it because it’s his passion.

He used his strength to overcome his defect and his self-doubt. After long years, he became the person everyone in the world recognizes.

8. He used his wisdom to see life.

By seeing the great picture of life from every tiny aspects of life is a sign of wisdom. Michael Phelps used that to succeed in swimming.

He didn’t like to study in school nor solve Math problems. In fact, he hated school. Fortunately, his mom was creative enough to use his passion to integrate school matters. She advised Michael’s tutor to use swimming for his Math, so on.

9. He never embraced status quo.

Michael Phelps was never contented on just being a plain swimmer. He trained to become the greatest swimmer. He took part in the Olympics and later acknowledged as one of the well-decorated and the most recognizable swimmers of all time.

Aside from sports, he did his best to perform his obligations as a father and a husband at the same time.

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10. He enjoyed his life’s journey.

A great example for this is when Phelps confirmed his retirement after Rio recently. He said he has enough. “This is it … No more… I’m done … The body is done. This is my last one,” he stated.

It might be his last Olympics this year. But the legacy he brought in swimming and the rest of his Olympic journey will remain.

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