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2016 Olympics: Manu Ginobili of Spurs confirmed playing for Argentina

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After missing some international games for his country’s national team, Manu Ginobili will be playing for Argentina this coming 2016 Olympics. According to the official site of FIBA, Ginobili will once more participate with hopes of giving his country another basketball glory in the Rio Games.

Ginobili himself communicated the confirmation of his attendance to their national team. And such call made by Ginobili to Argentine coach Sergio Hernandez led to elation.

“To say that Manu’s availability makes me happy personally is to put it mildly. That is not significant. His was a very brave decision and at the same time very correct, from my point of view. He will be able to end his career with the national team at an Olympic Games. This is the most important news for Argentine sport at this moment. Ginobili is a symbol. Welcome Manu. And now we shall enjoy this.” Hernandez shared via ESPN.

The 38-year-old NBA player will once again grace his national team with both his talent and leadership. Together with some younger players, Ginobili and the rest of the national team of Argentina will try to recreate their past glory back in 2004 Athens Olympics Basketball Tournament where they have won gold.

The decision of Ginobili joining the 2016 Olympics was deeply acknowledged by the Argentina Basketball Confederation (CABB).

“We received this news with happiness, it’s natural. It’s very important his presence in the team and what he brings to the team. He’s a crucial protagonist in our history and we aspire for him to continue to be in the future,” CABB president Federico Susbielles expressed via FIBA.

This move of Manu Ginobili joining the 2016 Rio Olympics Basketball Tournament is an opportunity for him not just to represent his team once more, but for his fans from different parts of the globe to see him participate in the international basketball scene for the last time, if he would decide to hang his jersey in the closing years.

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