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2016 Rio Olympics Canoe Slalom: France & Great Britain won gold medals in men’s single events

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The results for the 2016 Rio Olympics canoe slalom competition is out. France and Great Britain recently won the gold medals in the Canoe and Kayak events of the sport. This game is also called as Whitewater slalom since the event is held through a course of upstream gates on river rapids.

France bagged the gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics canoe slalom men’s canoe single event with a time of 1:34.17. The country had the fastest time out of the 10 countries that competed in the final round. This French player who represented the nation was Denis Chanut.

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Denis did not have the best time in the preliminaries with his 1:33.48. It is still good for the second spot in the race, though. This is in comparison to Germany’s Sideris Tasiadis that achieved the earlier time of 1:32.23 in the first round.

But Chanut bounced back in the final round to take the gold medal for France. Matej Benus of Slovakia got the silver, while Takuya Haneda bagged the bronze for his country.

Meanwhile, Great Britain pocketed the gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics canoe slalom Men’s kayak single event against 10 countries. The British kayaker did this with the quickest time of 1:28.53 in the finals. This country was represented by Joseph Clarke.

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Just like Denis Chanut of France, Clarke did not top the race in the preliminaries but finished second. He had a time of 1:26.95, while the earliest to finish the opening round was Giovanni De Gennaro with his 1:26.85 time.

Joseph had the same fate as Denis as he also bounced back in the final round to win the kayak event. The silver medal went to Peter Kauzer of Slovakia, but the bronze medal was achieved by Jiri Prskavec of Czech Republic.

While the men’s canoe slalom single events are all finished, the women’s competitions are still not. The 2016 Rio Olympics women’s canoe slalom single events will resume in the semi-finals round on August 12 CST.

Photo courtesy: David Merrett/Flickr

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