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2016 Rio Olympics Canoe Slalom: Slovakia & Spain bagged gold medals in last day of sport’s events

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The Men’s canoe double and Women’s kayak single are the last games for the 2016 Rio Olympics canoe slalom sport. These events have recently won by the countries of Slovakia and Spain respectively.

In the Men’s canoe double event, Slovakia out-paced the eleven other countries that joined in this competition. The Slovakians are represented by the Skantar cousins. They are Ladislav Skantar and Peter Skantar.

During the preliminaries of the double event, Slovakia had a great start in which they got the fastest time of 1:40.89. France is in the second place of this opening round in which they achieved the time of 1:42.43.

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Despite finishing out of the top five in the semifinals, Slovakia got their poise back as they had the quickest time in the final round. This is really a good comeback for the Slovakians as they pocketed the gold medal in the event. Meanwhile, Great Britain and France bagged the silver and bronze medals in this competition respectively.

On the other hand, the Women’s kayak single was more competitive than the Men’s canoe double event. The first round was started strong by Italy with their fastest time of 1:39.07. But come the semifinal round, Austria got the quickest time of 1:41.54.

But the winner of the Women’s kayak single in 2016 Rio Olympics Women’s canoe slalom tournament is Spain. The win was notable since the country did not finish in the top 10 of the first round. Spain is represented by Maialen Chourraut who only got a time of 1:46.47 in the opening stage.

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Things have changed for Chourraut as she was able to go up to the third place in the semifinals round. She gained momentum from this round as she had the fastest time of 1:38.65 in the finals.

The Spaniard outpaced the countries of New Zealand and Australia that both got the silver and bronze medals respectively.

The 2016 Rio Olympics canoe slalom competition is now over. But the canoe sprint competition is yet to be played. This tournament is scheduled to happen on August 15 Rio local time.

Photo courtesy: David Merrett/Flickr

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