2016 Rio Olympics

2016 Rio Olympics Men’s Basketball: Andrew Bogut ‘confident’ Team Australia can keep up with Team USA once Aussie teammates avoid intimidation

Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut gave a message for his Australian teammates when they face the Team USA on Wednesday in 2016 Rio Olympics men’s basketball tournament.

Every team that faces the Team USA seems to be stunned from the time they meet on the court. Instead of maintaining their focus on the game, most of the players are star-struck after personally seeing the players of the team who are the most favorite to win the gold.

However, Andrew Bogut warns his teammates in Team Australia in not getting intimidated by the Team USA. He wants his teammate to keep their focus in beating them and reserve other agendas after the game.

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“If we go out there and are we’re intimidated by them and trying to get our shoes signed before the game, and a signed jersey, then we’re in the wrong mindset,” said Bogut, the 31-year-old NBA veteran who was recently traded from the Golden State Warriors to the Dallas Mavericks. “(Facing the Americans is) the ultimate test. It’s the best team in the world, the best players in the world, so I think if we go out there with the right mindset and compete with them, win or lose we’ll be happy with that.”

As of now, both Team USA and Team Australia remain unscathed in Group A. Team USA made an easy win over their first two opponents – China and Venezuela. Most of the people predict that the Team USA can easily win the gold. However, they should not take other teams lightly.

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Team Australia has established a good start in the Olympics by upsetting the Tony Parker led Team France (87-66) and beating Team Serbia (95-80) on Monday. They are also loaded with NBA talents such as Dallas Mavericks Center Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee Bucks guard Matthew Dellavedova and San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills.

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